Louis Motaal

He has been mobilizing people for global solutions for half of his life, including at Fridays for Future.

Since Louis was ten, he has been giving lectures on worldwide tree planting. He has learned that adults invite young people to speak, listen to them, applaud them, but unfortunately do little. Since Plant-for-the-Planet was started, students around the world have mobilized over 13 billion new trees, but humanity has lost over 120 billion trees in the same period.
Since December 2018, Louis has been helping to organise “Fridays for Future”. “If adults accept our offer and work with us youth, we can overcome the climate crisis. But if they keep patting us on the back and keep taking selfies with us, 1968 will have been a children’s birthday party. Because we are facing a massive division of generations. There are still constructive offers on the signs of the striking pupils. But it says on the back, “You knew, what did you do?”

We will not stop our demands on politicians for realistic climate solutions.
Set out for global solutions to the climate crisis. On foot. With the train Over seas.
Together against the climate crisis. First at Fridays For Future now also at Go For Climate!