Felix Finkbeiner

Plant trees so we can stay below the 2° limit longer and implement solutions.

At 9, Felix was inspired by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai and called on his classmates to plant a million trees in every country in the world. The resulting Plant-for-the-Planet initiative became a worldwide student movement that is already implementing one of the global solutions to the climate crisis: Reforestation. In 2011 the students of Plant-for-the-Planet inherited the Billion Tree Campaign from their role model Wangari Maathai.

Today, Felix is doing his doctorate at ETH Zurich with a thesis on trees. For Felix, Trees are a time joker: “Trees help us to keep global warming below the critical 2°C limit without triggering the dangerous tipping points. Trees give us people a second chance, which we hope to seize now so that the climate crisis does not become a catastrophe.”

Experience the effects of the climate crisis in Nigeria first hand and get involved in “UN Environment”.
Together against the climate crisis. First at Fridays For Future now also at Go For Climate!
Set out for global solutions to the climate crisis. On foot. With the train Over seas.
We will not stop our demands on politicians for realistic climate solutions.