The Story

The beginning of Go for Climate


With a clear goal in mind, Camilla Kranzusch, 24, quit her job as a video producer and sold the bus in which she had lived until then: to cross Europe on foot in the fight against the climate crisis.

During a presentation by the German Development Minister Gerd Müller at the beginning of the year, Camilla also learned about the importance of global solutions and the role of Africa in the climate crisis. If the Africans emulate our CO2-intensive path in their development towards prosperity, the climate catastrophe is as good as sealed. Today, Africa still emits on average less than 1 t CO2 per capita per year and only one of the 54 African countries is among the top 15 CO2 emitters.

CO2 emissions and africa’s role

Global solutions for the climate

However, with increased wealth, so do the CO2 emissions of the country. In just ten years, China alone has doubled its CO2 emissions from 4 t to 8 t per capita and, with its 1.2 billion citizens, contributes a quarter of global emissions.
In 2050, 2.4 billion people will live in Africa, twice as many as today.
The combination of increased CO2 emissions and population growth would be devastating.

So it was time to think globally. Camilla contacted Plant-for-the-Planet and met with Felix, Louis, Sagar, Udeh and Yugratna. All at her age, but for more than half their lives, they are all engaged in working for global climate solutions. They use the money of wealthy people and companies to plant trees, especially in emerging countries, and at the same time create clean prosperity there.


Yugratna, Sagar, Felix, Camilla, Louis, Udeh

Together they collected ideas and decided to start a joint project to make the poor clean rich and the rich clean:
Go for Climate. A walk of global solutions.