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In order to combine the solutions to the climate crisis with the necessary global cooperation, we are launching Go for Climate. We approach each other from Europe and Africa and meet at eye level in Morocco.

A migration of global solutions.

Cross Europe on foot and plant trees against the climate crisis. That was Camilla’s idea when she quit her job as a video producer. She was encouraged by a speech by Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller in which she learned that if Africa were to copy our carbon-intensive path on the road to prosperity, the climate catastrophe would be virtually sealed.

Camilla (24) contacted Plant-for-the-Planet and met Felix, Louis, Sagar, Udeh and Yugratna. All at the same age and half their lives dedicated to global climate solutions. They decided to start a joint project: Go for Climate. A walk of global solutions.

The background

The 54 countries in Africa are representative of all developing and emerging countries. They should get the chance to achieve prosperity – but cleanly. We are currently facing an 18% annual increase in oil and gas production. This must be prevented at all costs in order to preserve the livelihood of our children on earth.

As a global community, we want to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We need effective climate protection to prevent the climate catastrophe. We need environmental protection that ensures that we preserve species and ecosystems. And we need a just world in which more people will come to prosperity, health and education than is the case today.

Grafik: Top CO2-emittant countries.

The background

Africa is still below 1 t of CO2 per capita per year on average, and only one of the 54 African countries is among the TOP15 CO2 emitters. But with prosperity, CO2 emissions grow. In just ten years, China alone has doubled its CO2 emissions from 4 t to 8 t per capita and, with its 1.2 billion citizens, contributes a quarter of global emissions.

Africa is expected to have 2.4 billion people by 2050, twice as many as today. The combination of increased CO2 emissions and population growth would be devastating.

*grafic source: Clobal Carbon Projekt.

CO2-emissions in Mio. t in 2017 (world: 40.000 Mio. t)

Only those who move can make a difference

Along the way, we talk to people from academia, politics, business and society about global solutions. We visit places where some utopias are already a reality.

We want to learn from each other, get into conversation, approach each other and invite everyone with positive examples to shape the world of tomorrow. Go for Climate gives hope to the many young people who are rightly concerned today.

About Us

Who is behind “Go for Climate”?
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Set out for global solutions to the climate crisis. On foot. With the train Over seas.
Experience the effects of the climate crisis in Nigeria first hand and get involved in “UN Environment”.
Plant trees so we can stay below the 2° limit longer and implement solutions.
He has been mobilizing people for global solutions for half of his life, including at Fridays for Future.
Together against the climate crisis. First at Fridays For Future now also at Go For Climate!
We will not stop our demands on politicians for realistic climate solutions.
As early as 2009, she called on the UN General Assembly to take immediate action to avert the climate crisis.

Follow the trek

If you want to join, you can see on our interactive map where Camilla is, who she meets and what actions are planned.

Follow the trek

If you want to join, you can see on our interactive map where Camilla is, who she meets and what actions are planned.

Follow the trek

Lets get started now! Walk with us, plant trees with our app and inspire others to do the same.

Follow the trek

Go for Climate presents groundbreaking solutions that have already been effectively proven, to give us an important time to avert the climate catastrophe.