Yugratna Srivastava

As early as 2009, she called on the UN General Assembly to take immediate action to avert the climate crisis.

Yugratna (23) has been internationally active for twelve years and involves young people from all over the world in climate negotiations. At the age of 13, she spoke as the youngest person before the UN and demanded immediate and ambitious action to avert the climate crisis. Yugratna is a recognized expert on youth participation and climate policy and is invited to many international conferences in this capacity. There she represents the concerns of young people from the Global South and North. “The fact that [due to the climate crisis] people are losing their homes and their lives every moment makes me question the basic principles of justice and drives me to do everything I can.”

Together against the climate crisis. First at Fridays For Future now also at Go For Climate!
Set out for global solutions to the climate crisis. On foot. With the train Over seas.
He has been mobilizing people for global solutions for half of his life, including at Fridays for Future.