Camilla Kranzusch

Set out for global solutions to the climate crisis. On foot. With the train Over seas.

Since she was 7, Camilla took part in mountain bike competitions and knows how to deal with physical and mental stress. Over the years, the former German champion has discovered her passion for running and climate protection.
With the clear goal of making her own contribution to a change in the world, the trained camerawoman quit her job as a video producer and sold her home, an old fire truck. With a plan: to cross Europe on foot in the fight against the climate crisis.
With this idea she contacted Plant-for-the-Planet and met with Felix, Louis, Sagar, Udeh and Yugratna and Go for Climate was born. A project with the positive goal of bringing solutions to the world. For Camilla, this step was inevitable. Her inspiration: “How can I go to work, day after day, knowing what to expect [because of the crisis], if we do not change anything? I just had to get up for a future and a world I want to live in. And I’m ready to fight for it – with a positive message and solutions. “

He has been mobilizing people for global solutions for half of his life, including at Fridays for Future.
As early as 2009, she called on the UN General Assembly to take immediate action to avert the climate crisis.
We will not stop our demands on politicians for realistic climate solutions.
Experience the effects of the climate crisis in Nigeria first hand and get involved in “UN Environment”.