Sagar Aryal

Signed an intergenerational contract with Roland Berger

Sagar was born in Kathmandu, studied in the USA and is currently developing the Plant-for-the-Planet app with friends.

In May 2015, Sagar met Professor Roland Berger and together they signed an intergenerational contract: the promise of the old and the young generation to jointly implement the DESERTEC project of the century (Energy from the Deserts of the Earth). Roland Berger developed the picture: “Desertec will make the poor clean rich and the rich clean.”

He has been mobilizing people for global solutions for half of his life, including at Fridays for Future.
We will not stop our demands on politicians for realistic climate solutions.
As early as 2009, she called on the UN General Assembly to take immediate action to avert the climate crisis.
Together against the climate crisis. First at Fridays For Future now also at Go For Climate!