Forest Preservation and Reforestation

The background


The most dangerous part of warming the earth are the tipping points. If the tipping points of the climate crisis are exceeded, i.e. the earth heats up by more than 2°C, then the climate crisis becomes independent. It is unstoppable and becomes a catastrophe.
And this is where the trees come into play: they absorb CO2 and thus slow down global warming. We do not reach the tipping points as quickly and can do everything to prevent them.

An additional 1,000 billion trees annually bind 10 billion tons of CO2, or a quarter of our current CO2 emissions. So if we plant these additional trees and protect our existing trees, we gain time. Without these trees, in 26 years we will have used up the CO2 budget of 1,100 billion tonnes that we have left to maintain the 2°C limit.

We need the extra time so that we can convert the world to methanol economy, i.e. climate-neutral fuels, and desert power. And we’ve wasted way too much time doing nothing already. Trees give us back some of this time by binding CO2 from the atmosphere and thus keeping the earth below the critical 2°C limit.

Where are we reforesting?
It is particularly efficient when we plant the trees in the Global South, in the tropics and subtropics with an ideal climate. There they all unfold their advantages: They stabilize water cycles, protect against soil erosion, contribute to nutrition and provide local people with meaningful jobs in reforestation and tree care. Global reforestation is the largest and most sustainable stimulus package the world has ever seen!

Other Solutions

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